When paint and box came together

PAINTINBOX is a revolutionary new generation of packaging system for paints and coatings which provides an optimal DIY (do-it-yourself) experience for your Home Décor Project.

The entire system of PAINTINBOX is designed to be highly sustainable and eco-friendly, in an effort to limit the plastic waste and to help cut emissions. With our commitment to a better planet, compared to conventional plastic buckets, it SAVES about 90% of plastic material when using the PAINTINBOX.

Hello paintinboxer!

“After many years working at the paint industry, it had always concerned to think of the millions of tons of paint being transported around the globe in countless plastic containers, with no control over where each waste container would end up. That was when it was decided to make a commitment to a plastic free world, not just for this generation but also for those yet to come, and this was how de idea of paintbox happened.

We wanted to create a whole new way of packaging paint. Now we think have succeeded, by designing a revolutionary eco-innovative packaging solution for paints & coatings, using less plastics while still maintaining a stable and user-friendly container.”

Nico Gruber

CBDO & Founder
PaintBox Coop. Int.