Great look for garden furniture with a colourful coating – Part 2

Think Carefully About the New Colour of Your Garden Furniture. Perhaps, you have a colour in mind. Maybe you are baffled by all the different hues available today. Think about the effect are you trying to create. Consider your garden, are there other wooden structures or items that could also be painted to match the […]

The Art of Painting – Part 2

Trick two, marbling, the ultimate eye-catcher You can use the marbling technique on whole walls or just on particular sections to create a truly eye-catching display. You can create a light marble display by using colours such as white, beige, light yellows, taupe and light grey, these colours work really well together when used in […]

Great look for garden furniture with a colourful coating – Part 1

Renovate Your Garden Furniture with a Colourful Coat of Paint Is your wooden garden furniture no longer looking its best? Is the sight of that dirty, unattractive looking chair and peeling table putting you off eating al fresco? Before you rush out to spend your hard-earned cash buying replacement items, think about the improvement a […]

The Art of Painting – Part 1

Are you fed up with the decor in your home yet can’t afford to invest money in new furniture and furnishings? Do you want to try something new, something unique, yet don’t have the funds available to do lots of experimentation with different colours? Why not give paintbox a try? Paintbox can help you repaint […]