Are you fed up with the decor in your home yet can’t afford to invest money in new furniture and furnishings? Do you want to try something new, something unique, yet don’t have the funds available to do lots of experimentation with different colours? Why not give paintbox a try? Paintbox can help you repaint your home with little effort and at a reasonable price. Paintbox can make your home your sanctuary once again thanks to the huge range of appealing colours and paints supplied in container sizes to suit any need. Read on to find out how Paintbox can help you achieve change in your home quickly and with little investment.

How you can save time

We all have busy lives and so the thought of starting a big re-decoration project can fill even the most energised of us with dread. With Paintbox, however, there really is no need to panic, our tips and advice make painting so easy that you will be able to start immediately and not spend a fortune. With our help, you will soon not even be able you recognise your own living space. You are probably wondering how all this is possible, but rest assured it is so long as you follow our advice. So, the best place to start is to get an overview of the project, painting is a big part of the process, but it all begins with a plan.

Get an overview of your project

The first step is to think about your project, decide what you want to achieve and set yourself realistic goals. Decide what your budget will be and how much time you have to invest in the project and then consider if what you want to achieve matches up with the resources you have available. If it doesn’t you might need to adjust your goals slightly so that you are not stretching yourself both for time and investment. For instance, if you don’t have the budget to repaint all the walls in your room, you could consider just painting an accent wall, which can be just as effective in changing up any space. Once you know exactly what you want, you can start planning.

The art of painting, how you can achieve a great result with little effort

Some people enjoy DIY, but many of us don’t. Having said that, DIY can be a lot more fun if we can quickly see results from our efforts. Our paint is formulated in such a way to help you achieve this. With Paintbox you can paint straight from the box, which contains everything you need for your project and our colours all work well together meaning that you can re-paint the smallest accent space and still make a huge difference to your decor. Even with a small budget, your re-decoration project is sure to be successful, especially when you utilise the tips given below.

Trick one, have the courage to use colour

Colour transitions can be difficult to achieve but can really help to define an area. You can create beautiful transitions with the help of one simple tool, painters tape. The trick to a successful transition is to create a white frame around the surfaces, separating the different colours. The first step is to paint the ceilings and corners of the wall white. You then need to create the frame by painting a strip at least 3cm wide around the wall, you can do this easily with a squared lumber. Use masking tape to block this off and paint white above the paint. Once this is dry paint the area underneath the tape with your desired colour, wait for this to dry and then pull off the painters tape to reveal your new, beautiful transition.

Trick two, marbling, the ultimate eye-catcher

You can use the marbling technique on whole walls or just on particular sections to create a truly eye-catching display. You can create a light marble display by using colours such as white, beige, light yellows, taupe and light grey, these colours work really well together when used in this technique. To create this look start with a white background and then begin to apply your chosen colours using a natural sponge. The trick is to apply spots of the colours onto the wall whilst making sure the white background is still visible. For a natural result, ensure all the colours are evenly distributed.

Trick three, White isn’t always boring

Why not opt for the elegance of the sandstone look and introduce colour with furnishings. White walls can create a unique living environment, especially when painted directly onto plaster as opposed to onto wallpaper as the plaster shows up through the paint. White walls can upset the balance so much that it removes the calm and therefore demands attention, especially when you also introduce colourful furnishings. With a larger budget, you can enhance this look even more by pre-treating the wall with structural plaster.

Trick four, size matters

Hopefully, this article has inspired you and you are raring to go with your project. There might still be obstacles in your way, however, such as worry about the hassle of going out and buying lots of tins of paint and all the equipment that you need. You might even be worried about how to dispose of left-over paint in an environmentally friendly way or even whether you have to the storage room to hold on to it. This is where Paintbox comes in. We can deliver paint in a quantity to suit your needs, you just need to tell us the size of your room and we calculate this for you. We work with Amazon to deliver the right amount of paint in an environmentally-friendly box that you use as a painting tray while you complete your project. Paintbox allows you to rejuvenate your home with minimal effort and at little cost.

Innovative Painter Set

If you’re not sure where to start Paintbox’ innovative painter set might be the product for you. With this paintbox you receive, paint in your choice of colour, paintbrush, roller, painter’s tape, grille and many other tools, all in an environmentally-friendly box that can double up as a painting tray. Paintbox has a huge range of colours to choose from and you only have to order as much as you need. Gone are the days of trudging out to the DIY shop and loading yourself up with equipment that you will probably never use again. Paintbox gives everybody the chance to re-decorate their home in an easy and cost-effective way.

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